Rabu, 16 September 2015

Digital Clock Ahmed Mohamed Calculated homemade bomb

Digital Clock Ahmed Mohamed Calculated homemade bomb - Ahmed Mohamed, students MacArthur High School, Texas, USA, continues to be the subject of conversation. The reason, he became a victim of "false arrest" by police after allegedly brought a bomb to school.

The accusation comes from an English teacher. At the beginning of the incident, 14-year-old teenager has been insisting that the tool carries a digital clock assembly itself.

Like what he was carrying the tool? Based on the images reported by Tech Insider on Thursday (17/09/2015), which KompasTekno quotation, a digital clock which was calculated as the bomb is seen placed in a suitcase. There seems to be a timepiece display and some circuit boards.

In addition, there are also several cables, which seems to be intended as a liaison between the circuit board and display a digital clock.

Still based on the picture, it does not look at all the bomb components, such as explosives or gunpowder.

News "wrongful" Mohamed itself spread so quickly in cyberspace. Mohamed immediately got a variety of support and defense of the US state officials, such as President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In a press release, stating Irving Police did not find evidence to suggest Mohamed will make a bomb. This case has also been closed.

Ahmed has now been acquitted of all charges, but until now he was suspended from school. He admitted that he was sad because he saw the digital clock findings turned out to trigger a reaction like this.